TaylorMade Rescue Mid With Graphite Shaft


If you’re having problems hitting your long irons then here is the TaylorMade Rescue Mid With Graphite Shaft to the rescue. It is not only easy to use but deliver better distance than your long irons.

This golf club boasts of a high moment of inertia and lower center of gravity. Thus, you get maximum forgiveness as well as high launch and high spin angles even on mishits. The Rescue Mid has been tested by TaylorMade and found out that it can deliver an additional five and a half miles per hour in terms of ball speed. This means it can outspeed the other long irons by as much as seven additional yards.

The Rescue Mid has a double crown which enables it to lessen head distortion at impact so you maximize the transmission of energy to the ball. It has a mid-size clubhead, a 455 stainless steel faceplate and a broad functional sole.