X-Series Irons from Callaway Golf

Callaway is at it again with the new X-Series Irons that is guaranteed to enhance every golfer’s performance thanks to its performance enhancing technology.  This is the reason why Calloway’s X-Series Irons are a favorite among pro and recreational golfers.

The X-Series Irons by Calloway boasts of maximum forgiveness and great appearance.  The X-18 in particular carries the core technologies patented by Callaway Golf and used in the previous X-series golf clubs such as the VFT Technology, Tru-Bore and S2H2. 

The X-18 Steel Irons have combined the best of forgiveness (thanks to the 360-degree undercut channel), performance and stability (due to the Notch Weighing).  In effect, the X-18 Irons can be your tool for precision shots in the course.