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Dunlop Red Neck Putter


The Dunlop Red NeckPutter is no doubt an attractive piece of golfing equipment to start with. It features a red anodized aluminum hosel making it look more attractive than it already is. But there is a reason for the hosel. Dunlop says most standard putters are heel-weighted and imbalanced (causing golfers to pull short putts) because of the hosel’s extra weight.  The Redneck’s ultra light weight hosel make sure that the weight is evenly distributed all throughout the putter. 

In addition to the accurately centered sweet spot, Dunlop says the red anodized hosel also softens the impact of the stroke on the ball, resulting in better feel on both long and short putts.

This putter is made of 100% CNC Milled construction from 8620 soft carbon steel and is ideal for mid-handicappers who want not so pricey equipment.  It has a soft grip though but maybe that’s because it is really reasonably priced at $99.99. 

Nike Cpr Woods

  • April 28, 2008, 11:11 pm
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If you are tired of hard to hit irons then the Nike Cpr Woods is a good replacement. It has a scoop-back design which makes possible a deep and lower center of gravity compared to the traditional long irons.

The Nike Cpr Woods has a lightweight graphite shaft plus a CPR grip. It is a lot heavier in the head compared to the other clubs but you’re sure to hit it.

If you want an accurate woods with lots of forgiveness then the Nike Cpr Woods would be a great buy.


The Nike Golf SQ Sumo Squared Hybrid with Graphite Shaft can be a reliable partner in the course even in the most difficult situations.

It has a generous offset and square head design. It is a hybrid with the highest moment of inertia design which allows you to accomplish high launches and stability even at impact. 

This hybrid has a cryo steel face which is light enough but combines a thick middle and thinner edges.   This combination allows a more consistent speed of the ball and high forgiveness even at a maximum distance.

Suffice it to say that aside from being solid this sqyared head hybrid is more forgiving even when compared to the Nike Slingshot hybrids.

Ping G2 Irons

  • April 27, 2008, 8:08 am
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If you are a high handicap player then the Ping G2 Irons will suit you fine.  The new Ping G2 Irons have higher forgiveness and promises an improved launch thanks to a wider sole as well as foresight in moving the center of gravity away from the face.

The Ping G2 Irons are a product of Ping’s new sandblasting process so you can expect an improved ball to face contact. And here’s a novelty for you guys—these G2 Irons are capable of being mixed or matched with a semi-hyrbid iron called G2HL. 

The Ping G2 Irons look a lot simpler and cleaner than its predeccesors but definitely as durable and reliable as the other Pings.

Adams Idea Irons For Women


A woman beginner golfer who wants to upgrade equipment should go for the Adams Idea Irons For Women.  At a starting price of $499 it is quite a bargain considering that it includes the 4 & 5 hybrids which gives enough confidence for a player hitting balls in the rough.

The irons have a solid impact when it hits the ball while the hybrids allow you to hit the ball straighter. The irons have a thicker base and you can feel that it adds more weight to the club, resulting to a straight swing.  It also has a light graphite shaft and a solidly-built head.

Mizuno MX-950 Hybrid irons


If you are a mid to higher handicap golfer then the Mizuno MX-950 Hybrid Iron is specifically designed for you to improve your game.  This is a hybrid designed iron set that can be custom built depending on your specifications.

What the MX-950 Irons can provide is lots of forgiveness and ease of launch which will ultimately lead to game and playing improvement. 

The set boasts of hybrids 3 and 4 with a swoop back and with internal tungsten weight aimed to improve and boost your launch and MOI value as well as wide-soled Irons 5, 6 and 7 also with Tungsten weight and with Grain Flow Forged with Hollow Technology. 

The head covers of the Irons are also sleek with the Mizuno color scheme of blue and white.

TaylorMade R5 Dual Fairway Wood


A remarkable feature of the TaylorMade R5 Dual Fairway Wood is the TaylorMade Launch Control cartridges which are installed permanently in the sole’s rear section. The cartridges are weighted to increase the MOI of the clubhead.  It is also strategically located to achieve a low and deep position of gravity that allows users a smooth launch of the ball. 

The engineers of TaylorMade specifically designed the permanent cartridge for players who do not want to change cartridges and still launch the ball straight and long.  research shows that most players prefer not to change their cartridges and have them permanent instead.

The TaylorMade R5 Dual Fairway Wood also boasts of a titanium clubhead (that is extremely forgiving and easy to hit) as well as a lightweight M.A.S. 2 Fairway Shaft.