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The Ping G10 Fairway Wood with Graphite Shaft has shallow but longer clubface that allows for increased hitting area. It also has a larger internal weight pad that results to a lower center of gravity which further results to an optimal launch.

The Ping G10 Fairway Woods has a crown made in such a way that it intersects directly with the sole. This results to a low profile head that improves your overall performance in the course.

The Ping engineers have succeeded in repositioning discretionary weight from the hosel, face and crown which results to reduced ball spin and higher ball velocity.

The Adams Insight XTD A3 OS Fairway Wood with Graphite Shaft is a one of a kind hybrid you will easily learn to love. It offers greater distance and boasts of an easy-to-hit performance common in most hybrids.

You can be assured that this golf club will improve your game thanks to the combined features of both the Adams Idea Boxer hybrid and the fairway woods. Plus your purchase is backed by a 30-day performance guarantee.

If you are a player with a slower swing speed then you would benefit from this hybrid’s optimal launch conditions. With the XTD you get longer flight ball, increased ball speed, and off the ground playability and versatility.

This hybrid offers high moments of inertia and greater forgiveness.

The Burner Steel Fairway Wood is lighter in weight due to the SuperFast technology that also makes possible faster swing speed for additional power. It boasts of a steel clubhead that produces increase moment of inertia. This fairway wood is very forgiving.

You also get more distance and faster ball speeds because of the high center of gravity. It takes care of an easy launch and easy swing thanks to the shallow clubface design.

As expected, this golf club is a bit pricey even though it has been mass produced.

Callaway X460CC Driver


The Callaway X460CC Driver is an all-titanium driver with
deeper drives and can deliver better ball speed. Everything that the Callaway golf engineers know about drivers that are made of titanium have been included into the make-up of this driver inluding the S2H2 and Tru-Bore technologies that makes for better clubhead control.

It boasts of a 460cc club head, an alignment sole that is consistent to the technologies used by Callaway and a CT/VFT face. It also boasts of a sole design that is unique and can accomodate a larger face and a club head that’s more stable.

TaylorMade Burner Draw Driver


If you want a driver that can deliver faster speed and longer distance then the TaylorMade Burner Draw Driver may be the ideal driver for you.

The TaylorMade Burner Draw Driver has a 460cc head that’s bullet shaped, that pulls the center of gravity that launch the ball higher and super deep. Compared to the other TaylorMade drivers, this one boasts of a number of slice-correcting features as as well as Superfast technology. With this, the total club weight has been reduced from the average 320 grams to 299 grams.

The driver has moment of inertia that is over the 5800 moi that conforms to USGA standard, Higher eMOI in TaylorMade drivers results to faster ball speed compared to the MOI alone.

Callaway Lady Hyper X Driver


The Callaway Lady Hyper X Driver is an innovative club that is a product of the Callaway Golf engineer’s search for break through in the enhancement of ball speed. This driver aims to set a new standard in the prevailing all-titanium clubsin the market today.

The Lady Hyper X driver boasts of the Hyperbolic Face Technology. Thsi technologyhad redefined not only the look of the driver but also the pace and the feel of the golf balls when leaving the clubface.

This driver took almost eight years to perfect but the engineers but no waste of time here since the engineers have come up with a club face that is more efficient resulting to greater distance. It has a 460cc head shape so expect a higher center of gravity


The Callaway Big Bertha ’08 Iron Set 3-PW With Steel Shaft comes with lots of features that will be welcomed by golfers who want to improve their game including the i-brids which make sure the irons have both control and accuracy as well as more forgiveness and the versatility and distance possessed by the hybrids.

The mid and short irons is characterized by a more effective hitting, a constant width sole and ultimate forgiveness. You can expect seamlesss performance and optimal trajectories with the fully integrated set design.

It boasts of VFT, the Extreme Notch Weighting Technology and the 360 degree Undercut Channel Modified Tru-Bore that enhances the club’s feel and performance.