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TaylorMade 2015 Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag

Finding the perfect golf bag to suit your needs can be a challenge. It might seem easy considering there are countless different models out there on the market – there has to be one that is perfect for you, right? Well, there probably is, but that bag can be hard to find. Traditionally, bags have been separated into two categories – cart bags and carry bags. Each had characteristics suited to its specific purpose, and the two really didn’t cross over. Now, with the TaylorMade 2015 Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag, you can have many of the features that are present in both styles of golf bag.supremehybridstand

This bag is one worth considering if you are a player who both walks and rides depending on the circumstances. If that sounds like you, the Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag will have just about everything that you are looking for in a golf bag. There are 14-way dividers at the top so that your clubs don’t clatter around too much while you are riding in the cart, but the bag also weighs just 5.3 pounds so it doesn’t wear you out when walking. Also, there are ten pockets that you can use to load up the bag with everything you need for those riding rounds. Of course, when walking, you will likely want to keep many of those pockets empty to save on weight.

Everything a Walker Needs

A golf bag is more important to someone who walks the course than it is to someone who rides. When riding in a cart, you usually strap your bag onto the back and pretty much forget about it until after the round is over. It’s a different story when walking, however. As a walker, you need your bag to function nicely and provide you with everything you need without making you work too hard at the same time. Features like double shoulder straps and quality stand legs might not seem like a big deal, but they are hugely important when it comes to enjoying yourself out on the course. The Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag has been designed to make sure that your needs are met properly when you do decide to walk 18 holes with your friends.

Big Enough for the Cart

The main concern that you will have when carting is that your bag is big enough to fit everything you want to take with you for the round. While this bag is not as large as some cart-only option, it has plenty of pockets and extra space for jackets, snacks, etc. If you can’t fit something inside of this bag that you would like to take with you during a round, there is a good chance you should just be putting it in the cart basket anyway. If you are a player who loves to both walk and ride depending on the course, be sure to check out the Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag for yourself.



TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

TaylorMade is no stranger to making exciting new drivers. In fact, TaylorMade typically takes more new drivers to market than any company in the game, and most of them are wildly successful. You will find plenty of TaylorMade clubs in the bags of the best players in the world, but it is their drivers specifically that usually capture the attention of the golfing public. With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, most golfers can find one club in the TaylorMade line that they love to hit.aeroburner

The AeroBurner driver is another in the long line of quality TaylorMade drivers. This one is a little bit unique by todays standards in that it doesn’t offer moveable weights or some of the other trendy functions that many of the new drivers feature. However, that doesn’t mean that it is light on technology. The ‘aero’ in AeroBurner refers the improved aerodynamic shape that TaylorMade has used for this club head. Despite still being a 460cc head, TaylorMade has tried to allow this club to cut through the air easier on the way down to the ball.

Unique Design

Some of the changes that have been made on this club include a raised center crown designed to reduce drag, and a fin behind the hosel which is meant for the same purpose. Also, underneath the club is a ‘Speed Pocket’ which will help to increase the size of the sweet spot as well as lower the overall spin rate of the ball coming off the club. All of these innovations sound great on paper, but you will need to get out and hit the club for yourself to really see what it can do. Every golfer has their own unique swing, and only trial and error will tell you how a particular club will perform when put to the test.

Speed is Distance

Many golfers think of hitting the ball a long way as being an act of power, but it is really an act of speed. It is speed which sends the ball flying hundreds of yards down the fairway, not raw power. You can’t muscle the golf ball off the tee and expect to hit it three hundred yards – you need to make a fast golf swing which tears through the ball at impact. As long as your swing is fast at the bottom, nothing else really matters. Speed through impact will equal great distance time after time.

If your goal is to add speed to your golf swing, the AeroBurner driver just might be something worth trying out for yourself. Despite not featuring some of the new bells and whistles of other drivers, this club has been engineered with the goal of helping you swing the club faster into the back of the ball. A test drive at your local golf shop should be all it takes to find out if this club is able to deliver on that promise.