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Callaway FT-i Squareway Fairway Wood

The Callaway FT-i Squareway Fairway Wood is an ordinary club that has been turned by Callaway into something extra. Callaway has succeeded in turning out a traditional club into square and this revolutionary design is making its presence felt all the way to the fairway woods. This club has greater moment of inertia thanks to the Squareway Inertial Design which made sure the club’s discretionary weight are positioned on the clubhead’s extreme corners.

This club boasts of the S2H2 technology which positioned the weight from the hosel to the clubhead’s perimeter. It also carries with it the VFT technology so you can expect greater ball speed, maximum distance and more forgiveness.

Expect the Callaway FT-i Squareway Fairway Wood to do what the FT-I Driver accomplished for drivers and that is to help golfers get their shots into the green.

The Callaway FT-i Squareway Fairway Wood has a stainless steel face with a carbon composite crown making for a lighter body and sole.


The Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons are among the most forgiving golf clubs developed by Callaway. These clubs are made of cand innovative technologies to ensure improvement in your game. The designers and engineers behind the Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons have redefined the way Irons should be made to pave the way for a club that delivers great distance and optimal trajectories.

The Callaway Mens 2008 Big Bertha Irons boasts of a lower CG and maximized perimeter weighting thanks to the 360-degree undercut channel. These Irons are also more stable and have higher moments of inertia. These Irons are downright durable and provides maximum forgiveness. Discretionary weight is also increased thanks to the S2H2.

Callaway has engineered these Irons using the VFT Technology so you can expect faster ball speed. On the other hand, the modified Tru-Bore design provides you an enhanced feel and better performance.


The Callaway X20 Individual Iron With Steel Shaft promises to give your performance a boost. This golf club has maximum forgiveness giving you confidence whenever you are in the course. It is a mix of innovation, technology and playability working together to help you move on to the next level.

This iron boasts of core technologies that have been patented by Callaway such as the VFT Technology that is responsible for giving you maximum balls speed as well as more distance and forgivenes. You get more control and an improved feel of your clubhead thanks to Try-Bore. On the other hand, the club’s perimeter weighting is maximized thanks to the 360-Degree Undercut Channel.


Most Callaway gairway Woods have adapted the modern driver head features and the Callaway Big Bertha 07 Fairway Wood with Graphite Shaft is no different. This wood has a larger head volume along with a shallow face design allowing maximum forgiveness. The larger head design, which results in straighter shots, also increases the MOI or Moments of Inertia.

The Calloway Big Bertha has a shallow face and low leading edge. Thus you can expect a larger hitting area so you have an easier time hitting the ball resulting to optimal trajectory.

The Big Bertha boasts of the patented Golf Core Technologies by Callaway known as the VFT Technology. With VFT, you get maximum ball speed, more distance and maximum forgiveness.

Callaway is at it again with the new X-Series Irons that is guaranteed to enhance every golfer’s performance thanks to its performance enhancing technology.  This is the reason why Calloway’s X-Series Irons are a favorite among pro and recreational golfers.

The X-Series Irons by Calloway boasts of maximum forgiveness and great appearance.  The X-18 in particular carries the core technologies patented by Callaway Golf and used in the previous X-series golf clubs such as the VFT Technology, Tru-Bore and S2H2. 

The X-18 Steel Irons have combined the best of forgiveness (thanks to the 360-degree undercut channel), performance and stability (due to the Notch Weighing).  In effect, the X-18 Irons can be your tool for precision shots in the course.