Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel

The Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel is the newest wedge design from the best forged wedge company in the world, Mizuno.  This is a welcome addition to Mizuno’s popular MP series which makes of the company’s patented grain flow forging. This ensures that Mizuno wedges have that consistent, soft and solid feel.

The same technology has been used for the MP T Series Black Nickel so you can expect the same quality. It has deep U grooves so expect a more optimum spin from the club. You also get more consistent ball striking even from any lie on the course due to the lie responsive sole design. It is computer milled so expect perfect quality and design.

The Mizuno MP T Series Black Nickel has a classic teardrop head shape. The black nickel finish is both aesthetic and functional as it reduces flare and increases durability.