Cleveland HiBORE Driver Review

  • December 17, 2010, 7:07 pm
  • admin
  • In Drivers

I have a 9.5 degree HiBore with a stiff Aldila NV65 shaft, each time I hit this club, the more fascinated I am. In my earlier review, I mentioned about how straight the club is, regardless of considerations like distance or ability to work the ball left or right. I’m now completely convinced that, not only is the club impressively long, but it’s absolutely able to work the ball left and right if you identify how to make those swings. In fact, I would say that the HiBore’s tendency to hit straight simply makes hooks and slices behave more like draws and fades; in other words, its relatively tight dispersion comes from lessening the mistakes we make when we get “handsy.”

I truly have nothing bad to say about this club. I guess if you’re someone who really likes to tee the ball high, the HiBore’s face isn’t quite as deep top-to-bottom as some of the other large clubs around these days, so you might be somewhat more likely to hit a “sky-ball” with the HiBore than a deeper-faced club. Personally, I like the looks and proportions of this club a lot, and I envision that’ll only increase the more rounds I play with this driver. I think there’s a tendency to dismiss this club because of its odd shape; I also think to not take one out for a try is a real missed opportunity.

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